Here’s the place if you already have land and want to to build a house on it with great quality at a great price.

We achieve our unbeatable prices by cutting out red-tape, avoiding expensive lengthy procedures and refining the inclusion selections to a simple, transparent and easy online process. It’s so easy!

Step 1

You can look through our designs and if suitable for you, you can choose the house design you want built on your land and proceed to Step 2.

You’ll need to have a copy of your land plan in good resolution Jpeg or PDF format to upload before submitting your choices for Step 2. We’ll need to review your land plan to determine whether the design you’ve selected is suitable for your block of land. Our designs nominate the size of land required therefore making it easy for you to choose and know which floor plan will fit.

Step 2

Customise your home – you can click through the prompts & add to cart.

Here you can choose what colours, fittings and features you’d like for the home. You can choose the options from our inclusions at no extra cost or add upgrades from the pre-populated upgrade options lists. Exterior and interior selections such as the façade, driveway, electrical options, flooring, tiling and other options are chosen & finalised during this step.

Step 3

You can then go to the cart to review and complete your purchase.

Your selections are automatically saved in the cart and you can review and change any previous selections before checkout. You can also download and save a PDF of your current selections for your records.
To complete your purchase, you can provide payment details for the $900 commencement fee. Yes – our commencement fee is way too cheap, but that’s what we can do for our customers as part of the cost saving advantages of Online Only Building.

Step 4

We will contact you after we review your purchase. If your selected design was determined to be unsuitable for your block of land, we will refund the commencement fee in full and advise why the design was unsuitable for your land.

If your land requires additional and essential engineering or compliance upgrades for the home to be built, then we will also advise you via email of every item or upgrade required with the exact cost and you can decide if you still wish to proceed or cancel the purchase. Cancelled purchases for home only transactions will not receive a refund.

All costs for potential engineering and compliance upgrades are listed on our pricelist for review before you make any decision or commitment, this means you have the opportunity to accurately view the potential costs upfront before making a purchase. The commencement fee pays for our time to assess and process your purchase and it also pays for the plans to be re-produced and therefore it is not refundable.

The land developer or agent that you purchased your land from will always be in a position to provide you with all the land details required. For example, is the land in a bushfire zone? Will structures require H class slab design? Where is the sewer located? If they say they don’t have it, they are simply & intentionally holding it back from you OR not making a genuine effort to obtain that information for you. The solicitor or conveyancer you engaged for your land purchase should also have access to this information for you.

Step 5

We will email you the architectural plans for your selected home design, along with a standard plain English Housing Industry Association (HIA) building agreement to authorise and an invoice for 5% of the building cost. We will send you the plans and building agreement within 3 weeks via email & post.

Step 6

You return our copy of the building agreement via our reply-paid satchel and also email us a receipt for the 5% payment transfer. This occurs within 5 weeks of your initial purchase date in order to validate and maintain the purchase price.

Step 7

We then kick into construction mode and commence building your new home within approximately 8 weeks of your settlement date.

  • Construction duration for single storey homes = 32 Weeks
  • Construction duration for double storey homes = 36 Weeks

The above is a summary of steps, we guide you through the entire process online via email as the schedule progresses.
We achieve our efficient timelines and can deliver such a competitive price for you because we are an online only builder and all of our inclusions & designs are pre-determined and finalised without any diversion or changes. This is how we save our customers tens of thousands of dollars and provide them with peace of mind security with capped prices.

Our honest opinion & upfront advice

If you are someone that requires a special customised plan and extensive inclusion changes that are not listed on our website, then we strongly advise that you consider searching for a builder that can make these changes for you. It will most likely cost much more and you will most likely have to take risks of high hidden costs with just about all the builders out there today, but you may have the opportunity to customise some things if they are really important to you.

Otherwise if you are decisive, dollar savvy and happy to trust our experienced Architects and Colour Designers then this is the home for you. Thus saving you thousands of your hard-earned dollars and giving you a hassle-free building experience.

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